The Fundamentals Of My Botox LA Med Spa

Once you have met with your doctor and are comfortable with the proposed procedure you can schedule your first appointment for a consultation in your local area. During your initial visit you will be asked several questions pertaining to your skin condition, including how many layers of skin are involved, the areas you wish to treat and which medspa or day spa you would like to go to for your treatments. Medspas often have a list of services they offer ranging from facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal, fat removal, makeup application, foot and leg treatments and more. Many also offer different types of procedures based on the age of their patients and the type of cosmetic treatment desired.You may find more information at My Botox LA Med Spa.

During your initial visit you will undergo several treatments and/or procedures administered by the medspa. Some procedures are performed using instruments and lasers while others may be performed with only blue light. If you choose to have laser medspas performed then the doctor will show you how the treatment works and how to ensure you do not have an adverse reaction to the procedure. Blue light acne treatments work by killing acne-causing bacteria with a special blue light that destroys the bacteria.

After your first visit you and your physician should go over any medical spa marketing information including pricing and any discounts available to you. You should also discuss any appointments that you would like to make. Remember to ask if there are additional fees for overnight stays and what time of day you can schedule your procedures and whether or not a second physician is necessary. With the help of a qualified and experienced physician you will soon be feeling and looking better than ever!