Take Bed Bugs Seriously – They Are Here to Stay

Over the past few years, the old saying “Sleep tight, Don’t let the bed bugs bite” has taken on fresh meaning. This bloodsucking pest has made its existence known throughout the world, and the population is increasing.

Formerly thought to be eliminated from the U.S., bed bugs (also known as “Red Coats”) are now being found around the material in so many ways that legislation has been implemented to fix the growing issue. In order to deal with them some cities also form bed bug task forces. One comfort point – they are not suspected to transmit any illnesses. But at night, they attack us, and no one wants to think about being a bug’s meal when they are sleeping.You may find more details about this at A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Tampa – Tampa bed bug exterminator.

It’s not supposed to scare you, just to serve as a wake-up call: there are so many places where bed bugs are discovered that you will end up dealing with them sooner or later. Movie theaters, schools, hospitals, military bases, government departments, office buildings, residential buildings, fire stations, taxi ranks, taxis, department stores, rental furniture stores, thrift stores, hotels, motels… Long is the list. One person creates a bed bug infestation at home (which by the way, may be there for months until you know it’s there), and a few bugs hit a ride on his or her mobile phone (or purse, or briefcase, or the cuff of their clothing) and end up at their workplace. Think about how quickly they spread. Now one of them makes his way into the purse of a coworker. They’re taken home by the coworker. Then, when they go to a movie, or a theatre, or an opera, they hitch a ride on one of these… Seeing why their numbers are exploding is pretty straightforward.

What is to be done, then? A smart idea is to educate yourself and take practical action to protect your home from this bug. These days, it is a brilliant idea to buy a high quality mattress encasement and box spring encasement. Buy one that has been clinically checked to be evidence of bed bug – not every brand has been and your problem can potentially get worse. Follow the advice of pest experts dealing with steps to take when you fly. Learn the signs to look for and either periodically inspect your house, or have it inspected professionally. In detecting even low level infestations, canine (K-9) inspections are over 90 percent successful. If you notice them at home (I should actually say “when”), hire a specialist to handle them. Many of the over-the-counter drugs are not effective against bed bugs, and not only the efficient products, but also the resources and training required to effectively fight this pest are available to professionals.