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Oren Ross & Associates – Estate Planning Elder Law Guide

Estate preparation: planning for death with the lowest amount of taxes and legal costs possible to get the money you want, what you want the way you want.

Elder Law: Dementia planning to get the professionals you choose to run your finances and to protect your savings from long-term care being exhausted. Feel free to find more information at Oren Ross & Associates

Introduction to Estate Planning and Elder Law
One of the most satisfying and financially fulfilling occupations an attorney can choose is to pursue estate planning and elderly law. Imagine a field of work where the customers appreciate your understanding and treat you with compassion and courtesy. In a timely way, they pay your fees and inform their mates how much they loved working with you and your company. You hardly face the burden of a deadline at the same time, much less an adversarial attorney on the other side of a matter seeking to give you the best. In most cases, you behave in the role of a prosecutor (trusted advisor) rather than a lawyer (professional representative).

We spend our days visiting clients, learning about their lives and their relationships and discussing their worries and concerns. We develop solutions, often beautiful, to the old problem of moving properties from one generation to another as easily and painlessly as possible, through our expertise, preparation, experience and creativity. Around the same time, to the degree that the legislation requires, we still aim to shield those funds from being drained by fines, legal bills and nursing home expenses.

The end product of this process is a client who feels comfortable and confident in the fact that they have all their bases covered in case of death or injury. They will get on with the business of living their lives, having gained peace of mind knowing their future is well planned and in good hands. For the advocate, a pleased and fulfilled customer has been brought to the firm and another hopefully lifetime and mutually fulfilling partnership has began.