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Real Estate Attorney- Things To Know

A real estate attorney is someone whose work it is to understand the complex legal codes and regulations pertaining to real estate deals. A real estate attorney not only helps their clients understand legal documents and contracts but also helps them understand issues regarding property boundaries, easements, liens, title issues, subdivision issues and tax liens. They also deal with mortgage fraud and settle disputes on behalf of their clients, supervise the transfer of properties and deeds, check title and deed approvals, oversee the construction and maintenance of properties and settle disputes over unpaid taxes and civil matters. These legal professionals work under a variety of licensing agreements and the requirements for each license vary from state to state.You can get additional information at Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Attorney.

A real estate attorney is required to obtain a title search before signing any real estate purchase agreement. This is very important because a title search can help prevent title or deed issues that might arise in the future. The same applies for a pre-foreclosure buyer who needs to have a title search before making an offer on a property. The pre-foreclosure buyer also needs to obtain a title search because there are liens and encumbrances on the property that could prevent the buyer from purchasing the property at the price being offered. Without a title search the buyer would be buying the house without proper knowledge of the ownership and without a clear understanding of all the necessary documents and procedures that need to be completed to purchase a Florida real estate property.

In order to protect their buyers and sellers, many real estate attorneys provide buyer and seller peace of mind through various forms of insurance. They also provide free legal consultation to clients before they buy or sell any real estate property and in most other states. Buyers and sellers can obtain legal advice from a real estate attorney in the following situations: when buying a foreclosure, when attempting to buy or sell a bank owned property, when incorporating a business, when resolving ownership issues with inherited properties, or when settling a lawsuit. In some cases, a lawyer might help their client by providing legal advice concerning their specific situation; however, buyers and sellers should first consult with a qualified Florida real estate attorney before deciding whether or not to retain an attorney.

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