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Details on Albany Yamaha Piano

The Yamaha piano was first built by Torakusu Yamaha in 1900. It is of Japanese origin. Yamaha sets high standards of efficiency, quality, and performance and are the largest manufacturers of pianos in the world. The piano has state of the art design and engineering and is extremely popular. Used Yamaha pianos too are increasingly in demand in western countries especially the digital, grand, upright models. If you’re looking for more tips, Albany Yamaha Piano has it for you.

Historically, the Japanese have not really liked to buy used products. Further, Japanese and Asian pianos are generally less expensive than pianos made in the West, likely due to lower cost of labor. This has led to a large number of used Yamaha pianos flooding the market.

A piano is a musical instrument played by a keyboard. Pressing a key causes the hammer beneath to strike steel strings. When the hammers rebound, the strings vibrate at a particular frequency. This vibration passes through a bridge to a sound board forcing the board to vibrate at the same frequency. The sound produced is the same but of different timber, and because of the large surface area of the board, this energy is readily changed into sound that is much louder. The string will stop vibrating when the person playing the piano releases the key on the keyboard.

All parts of a piano are specifically identified by the manufacturers to fit their brand of piano and the pianos’ authenticity is then verified using these specific limits. Every piano has a serial number engraved on the instrument. Using this number you can find information on the history of the piano with regard to its completion and sale is all traceable. This is of great significance when checking out used Yamaha pianos.

Once you verify that the parts of the piano are original, especially the sound board, the next step is to make sure that the documents like the warranty and Technician’s Certificate are in order. Used pianos are often restored with spare parts and it is imperative that the parts used are genuine Yamaha parts. Buying from a reputed dealer and having a professional confirm your choice is a good idea.

Through persistent and painstaking attention to detail, the Yamaha brand has made a name for itself as a leader in the piano industry. Used Yamaha pianos are a good choice as new ones with a little inquiry into the genuineness of the product. So, it is always better to buy these pianos.


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