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What You Don’t Know About Advanced Telecom Systems

“Advanced Telecom Systems” is just one of many leading distributed antenna system providers in the USA. Advanced Telecom Systems (ATS) was established to provide a complete range of telecommunication services associated with the mobile industry and as such has become one of the leaders in providing top-notch, state-of-the-art, cost effective high availability and scalable communications services to its customers. With this company you will experience everything from Digital Auto detection, Automatic Identification and Pre-emption, CDMA/GSM Carrier Selection, EOL Identification/Cash Register Identification, VoIP PBX, WAN Switched Telephone Services (WANSS), Digital Call Consolidation, managed switch services and more. Along with these features, Advanced Telecom Systems offers flexible solutions which allow you to choose from a wide variety of products designed to meet your needs. Browse this site listing about Advanced Telecom Systems

What makes these superior service providers even more reliable and adaptable is their ability to offer DAS technology, which is capable of providing a more responsive public safety system while minimizing interference to residential customers. By offering DAS technology to local government agencies and public safety authorities, Advanced Telecom Systems has provided consumers with an affordable, convenient and highly functional option that meets the needs of both businesses and government. By utilizing both indoor and outdoor communication solutions, you can easily and accurately communicate with officials and citizens in a matter of seconds without the need for bulky or expensive communications equipment.

For example, if a police officer wanted to make a cell phone call to a suspect he would have to first locate the correct public safety transmitter and then contact his suspect. Once that person was located, contacting him then could only be accomplished by physically traveling to the location. In most cases, the person wouldn’t have a cell phone or he wouldn’t have a vehicle to use to make the call. However, by using a distributed antenna system with a fully monitored and secure Digital Access Server, such information exchange can take place instantly.