Stamped Concrete – Creating Decorative Concrete

Stamped Concrete is when the pattern or texture of concrete is imprinted on top of a base material to mimic the same material. Matchless Concrete Construction LLC has some nice tips on this. Usually, the texture is not visible until the concrete has cured completely. Stamped concrete uses many different types of tools such as tampers, cement mixers, stamp pads, rollers, and brushes. This type of concrete can also be sprayed with a coating to hide any raised portions of the concrete.

Stamped concrete can be used on just about any surface with the exception of real stone and bricks. Stamped concrete has come along way since the concrete started out as a solid stone material. Stamped concrete has come a long way from its early days in concrete stamping being used for decorative purposes only. Stamped concrete can be used on almost any concrete surface as well as paving and landscaping. There are also different ways to use stamped concrete such as straight staining, image stamping, heat stamping, color stamping, opaque stamping, deburring, and finishing.

You can use decorative concrete to create the illusion of brick walls or wood floors by using decorative concrete borders, stamped concrete paneling, stenciled concrete, stamped concrete planters, and handrails. Stamped decorative concrete allows you to create designs that will greatly enhance the look of your home or commercial building. By using decorative stamped concrete you can create a design that will make your guests notice the beauty of your home or office. Using decorative concrete will help you create an overall appearance that will be envied by others.