Property Management Services: Frequently Asked Questions

You presumably trust your HOA (Home Owners Association) to safeguard your home value if your neighbourhood has one. Would you, however, be able to tell if its management was ineffective? Members of HOAs trust their HOA to provide the appropriate financial, administrative, and maintenance services to safeguard their property value and the community’s social attractiveness – two things that go hand in hand. For many HOAs, hiring a business that specialises in HOA management is the best approach to fulfil these goals. If you are looking for more tips, check out read here

This firm, often known as a property management firm, provides the management role that a HOA frequently lacks the means to do. If your HOA is thinking about hiring a property management business and you’re not sure how it will benefit your community, the following questions and answers will help:

What kind of financial control would the firm have on the community?

The firm would not have direct influence over community money. Instead, it would serve as a financial manager, collecting assessment fees, depositing cash in the appropriate accounts, and disbursing cash in a variety of ways, such as handling wages for maintenance employees and keeping track of vendor accounts.

What role would the firm play in the community’s development?

It would be determined by the community’s desired role. Some communities engage a property management firm to help them grow as well as maintain their community. Such a firm would have community development professionals on staff and could develop a community from a variety of perspectives, including value-added services, communal real estate development, and communal business growth, to mention a few.

Would officials from the corporation be able to attend HOA board meetings?

Yes, indeed. At least one representative from a property management business would attend regular HOA meetings. The corporation treats its relationship with the HOA as a commercial partnership and handles it accordingly. Residents of the community are also included in this interaction.

In what capacity would the members of the HOA board serve?

Members of the board would retain their previous rights and authority. They would, however, spend more time as community representatives. The corporation would take over most of the management responsibilities traditionally held by board members.

Is it possible for residents to speak with the corporation directly?

Yes, indeed. Residents may call a professional property management business at any time to report emergencies, file complaints, request services, or get information. In addition, the firm replies quickly to letters and emails from members of the community. Rather from being isolated from the community, the firm makes measures to become more involved.

What criteria would be used to evaluate the company’s performance?

Conducting frequent quality assessments of the company’s services, conducting HOA member satisfaction surveys, and having the HOA’s financial records audited periodically are all common approaches to evaluate the company’s performance.