Landscaping Company – Some Insight

The most reliable way of valuing a landscaping company would be with the multi of sales method. Seller’s discretion is valued by the value of their decision-making abilities, business sense, and ability to sell the property and what they are willing to do for the property. Sellers Discretionary earnings (SDF): SDF represents the amount of cash flow that a seller will receive from the sale of the property. Expenses like officer’s salary, operating expenses, depreciation, and any other situation related expenses are subtracted back from your net income before taxes to reflect the gain your company can receive… You get the right to use this method once a year without an annual return.Learn more by visiting this link Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape

Another way of valuating a landscaping company would be to determine its ability to pay its expenses and build up a business bank account. These two things are very important when selling property, because you are trying to recoup as much money as possible for your hard-earned investment. How does the company to build up its business bank account? By paying property taxes, maintenance fees, landscaping services costs, and its normal marketing expenses, not including capital expenditures such as new equipment and inventory. All these things must be factored into the income statement so that it can represent the companies’ bottom line at the end of the year… Some companies also add a certain percentage for investments in the business…

In addition, how does one decide if they are working for a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company? Most states require some form of separation between the owner and the business so that the business owners personal assets are protected while the company owns all the property and operating equipment. If a landscaping company has only one owner (sole proprietorship), then this would most likely be a red flag. It is important that you ask yourself, “Is my landscaping company a sole proprietorship?” if you feel uncomfortable about any of the information above. A real estate agent can help you obtain the answers that you seek.


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