Know more about Peripheral Vascular Doctor

The conventional medical treatments for Peripheral Artery Disease are prescription drugs that can only stall the progress of the disease (not cure it), and invasive surgery involving the implantation of a Stent (Angioplasty), that usually only provides temporary relief. Get the facts about doctor you can try this out.
Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease can include hair loss over the toes and feet, thick toenails, shiny tight skin, painful non-bleeding ulcers on the feet or toes, and leg pain after walking a certain distance.
There are two main causes for Peripheral Artery Disease: One is a lack of the (right kind of exercise). As we age, we increasingly take the path of least resistance when performing tasks in order to avoid pain or discomfort. The veins and arteries in the areas of our body where restrictions and blockages normally occur that cause PAD, no longer receive the stimulation and stretching necessary to maintain sufficient flexibility to allow blood to flow freely.
Remember the last time you jumped high in the air to slam a ball over the Volleyball net and felt a stretching sensation in your midsection and legs? Fortunately, there are simple, non-stressful exercises we can do at any age that provide the same benefits without the necessity of living a youthful lifestyle.
Another cause of Peripheral Artery Disease is out of balance Cholesterol levels. When veins and arteries lose their elasticity, it provides the opportunity for deposits to build up in areas where the veins and arteries haven’t been exercised and dormant for an extended period of time. This is where the restrictions and blockages occur causing less blood supply to the lower extremities.
Current conventional medical treatments for Peripheral Artery Disease will not cure the disease or even relieve the symptoms. Prescription drugs can do little more then stall the progress of the disease, and the surgery options will only provide temporary relief. The reason for this is, both methods are only designed to treat the symptoms, and not the cause.
The only way to really cure Peripheral Artery Disease is to take advantage of the natural remedies Mother Nature provides, and perform the simple exercises that target the parts of the body where the restrictions and blockages occur. Doctors will not give you this information even if they use it themselves…unless they specialize in Natural Medicine. The drug industry has so much influence over the medical industry, and lawmakers, that if they prescribe a natural treatment they can lose their license to practice medicine.