Ideas For Customizing A Privacy Fence

Homeowners who choose to add a little decoration to their privacy fence have a lot of choices for embellishing and customising a simple privacy fence. This article discusses how to combine various fence types to build an exclusive privacy fence. Lakeville Privacy Fence has some nice tips on this.

Privacy fences have been one of the most common fencing designs in the neighbourhood. A standard solid-style cedar fence provides desired privacy from neighbours while maintaining a tidy, clear appearance. Privacy fencing, on the other hand, may become monotonous as used in yard after yard.

There are several alternatives available these days for homeowners who want the protection of a sturdy type cedar fence but don’t want their yard to look like anyone else’s. There are a lot of customization choices accessible if you like a fence with a little more personality.

Take a walk at your community before you start organising to see if there are any unusual or fascinating fence patterns that grab your attention. Some of the more appealing patterns use features from a variety of fence types. You may build a privacy fence that is exclusive to your home by combining elements from other privacy fences you want.

Here are few personalization ideas for your privacy fence:

Privacy Fence (Basic)

A traditional cedar privacy fence is six foot tall and made up of tightly-fitted blocks. For a clean, even look, the top is normally flat. Using dog-eared boards instead of standard privacy boards creates a complex pattern around the top of the fence. You should also try experimenting with various board widths or heights.

Fence with a Picture Frame

The picture frame fence is a more decorative privacy fence choice. The vertical posts and horizontal rails that frame the fencing parts give it its name. The framing adds elegance as well as layout options. You may choose the board height, the amount of boards per frame, and whether the frame and the boards would fit. Additional wood trim may also be added to a picture frame fence.

Fence with a Lattice Top

With a line of decorative lattice at the top, the lattice top fence is a popular variant on privacy fencing. To build an interesting, semi-private impact, creative homeowners may incorporate lattice parts into the body of the fence. A thin piece of lattice may be used as the frame in a picture frame barrier, or solid boards may be alternated with lattice pieces.

Fence with a Good Neighbor

Another traditional privacy fence design is the Good Neighbor fence. Rather than having boards affixed to one side of the supporting posts, a Good Neighbor fence has boards affixed to all sides of the rails. By narrowing or expanding the spaces between the boards, you may make this design your own.

Fence with a Slightly Private Feel

A semi-privacy fence is a good option for homeowners who want some privacy but don’t want to feel hemmed in. These are usually shorter than standard privacy fencing and have smaller gaps between the boards. Aesthetically appealing designs can be achieved by adjusting the distance width and board heights. Use tall, thin boards with a 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch gap between them. The slotted impact makes the fence seem more transparent, whilst the height gives the impression of more protection.