How To Prepare Your Asphalt Paving Mix

Asphalt paving refers to the application of asphalt to a paved or parking area surface. The term is also used to explain the method of laying a new asphalt pavement or repairing an existing asphalt pavement that has been damaged by storms or heavy traffic. Asphalt pavements are usually preferred to patch asphalt surfaces with deep cracks and potholes caused by storms or road debris. It is also used in areas where the asphalt has been damaged by fire or other road damage. This pavementing type can also be made to cover driveways, walkways, patio floors, and other paved areas. It is not uncommon to find asphalt pavements used for landscaping or industrial applications as well.You may want to check out Brownstown Charter Twp asphalt paving for more.

Before asphalt paving can begin, a thin base material must be prepared. This base material can be any variety of materials, but typically it consists of crushed gravel or crushed stone. When choosing the base material for asphalt paving, you should consider the purpose of the paved area. For example, if your pavement is going to be used for walkways or outdoor patio areas, you may need to choose a material that is slightly more durable than that of a driveway. If your pavement is to be located inside a building, you will probably want to use a material that is made from a durable material.

After the base material has been selected, you will need to prepare the asphalt and mix it together. The proper way to make the asphalt mix is to apply the mix to the base material in repetitive thin layers. The thickness of the thin asphalt layers can be up to six inches; however, if the thickness of the asphalt layers is less than six inches, the asphalt will not have the strength to keep it from blowing away in strong winds. For this reason, the correct amount of asphalt paving mix should be used in the preparation of the pavement.


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