Details on Move the Confederate Flag

The Rebel flag, a softer title given to the Confederate flag, has been part of many Southern political debates. The most significant so far was in 2000, involving the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state house, but during the 1990s and 2000s, various Southern lawmakers proposed changing state flags that still bear these symbols. Although the two most contested, Mississippi and Georgia, still bear the Confederate symbol, such debates bring up the issue of what the Rebel flag stands for in American history. To some, it’s a symbol of bigotry of a region that seceded partially due to keeping slaves, and, to others, it’s a symbol of Southern pride and should be flown to honor Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. If you are looking for more tips, check out see their post

In terms of displaying the Confederate flag over the South Carolina state house, the flag was taken down in July 2000 officially, after it had been in place since 1962. Although documented as being flown then for the Civil War centennial, others saw the flag, and its use for 38 years, as a symbol of Southern resistance to integration. The GOP in 1994 voted to keep the flag but, six years later, about 50,000 protesters demonstrated on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in front of the state house to have the flag removed. Although it was immediately placed on a 30-foot pole at a Civil War monument, the flag was finally taken down in July 2000, after opposition from the NAACP.

Although South Carolina has appeared to have the most drawn out issue concerning the Confederate flag, this debate has infiltrated other Southern states. Some, like Alabama, have had similar issues with the Rebel flag being displayed from the state house, while others, like Georgia and Mississippi, have experienced governors who wanted to take off the Rebel symbol from the state flag. In the latter instance, both Georgia and Mississippi continue to display the Confederate symbol on their state flags.