Cosmetic Dermatology – A New Take on Facials

Perhaps no cosmetic disorder is as common and worried about as aging. In order to avoid the symptoms of aging, people will take all precautions and go as far as surgery to remove the wrinkles that add years to their lives. All the common methods used to reverse the effects of aging are facelifts, botox, and laser resurfacing. West Dermatology – La Jolla/UTC has some nice tips on this.

The burgeoning incidence of cosmetic dermatology procedures is a testimony to the concern of people regarding their appearance as well as the efficacy of the treatments in counteracting the ageing effects of wrinkles, blemishes, scarring, etc.

Unfortunately, age causes us to lose skin elasticity and the skin becomes looser and less capable of maintaining a smooth texture; wrinkles are caused by this loss of elasticity. Aging also deteriorates the capacity of the skin to repair itself, as it becomes thinner and more vulnerable to changes in the environment. Things like smoking, sun damage, and stress can speed up the aging process and leave your skin looking much older than you really are. For people who experience the effects of stress on their skin and who are self-conscious about their age, this is increasingly becoming an issue.

Although several surgical procedures remain, cosmetic dermatology is now primarily carried out with lasers and injections. For individuals who wish to undergo a series of procedures, these minimally invasive means are perfect, since someone would obtain hair cuts regularly, for example. Within 1 to 2 hours, items such as botox, radiance, thermage, and laser resurfacing can all be done. Such therapies are minimally painful and do not take much recovery time.

When topical remedies for wrinkles and damaged skin are not drastic enough on their own to reverse the effects of aging, it is normal for individuals to begin considering cosmetic dermatology. However, these therapies aren’t for aging alone. When applied to skin care, advanced laser technology can help cure other conditions, such as spider veins or varicose veins.

Botox and Radiance are the most common injection therapies. These tiny injections act as a filler for the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles and serve to re-contour the face, supplying sagging skin with small and accurate lifts. Radiesse also accelerates collagen formation, tightens the skin and improves wellbeing after the procedure has been completed. For facial and vein treatment, lasers are also easy and effective.