City Car & Truck Rental- Major Points

Have you been thinking of moving your office or home across town or across the state or across the country? If yes, you definitely need to rent a moving truck, van, or trailer. Truck rental really depends on how much stuff you have to move with you. With this, always make sure that you anticipate possible problems that you may encounter. Here are some points to consider. City Car & Truck Rental has some nice tips on this.

o Your destination: In case you are moving across town, most rental agencies can accommodate your needs but if you are moving across the state or country, planning a one-way trip may not be always your way out. Nonetheless, you can always find larger agencies that will accommodate a one-way move, but always ask up front. Always anticipate the extra cost that they will charge for this service and see to it that the hassle of moving yourself is worth it. If you are having a tight budget, make sure that you ask before you book.

o The Truck size: Always ask for the size-guide though in most truck rental agencies, this is provided right away. This will give you an idea of what you might need for moving. For an estimate, a 26-foot truck can accommodate a 4-plus bedroom house and a 10-foot mini can bring a small apartment. Ask for the recommendation for the truck size that you may need. You should never run out of space especially if you are moving a long distance. Trying to switch truck sizes at the last minute can cause too much delay on your part so be wise.

o Insurance: Truck Rental agencies often offer additional insurance which can cost up to $30.00 a day for every day the truck is on the road. Make sure that you read terms and conditions before booking. Make certain the insurance for collision, theft, and other problems that can be encountered during the moving of your home or office.

o Extra baggage: If you have a car, you have to decide whether you are driving it yourself or towing it behind the truck. A truck rental can increase your costs by an extra $150 to $300, depending on when you need it and if you need a trailer hitch and how many days you will have it towed. Inquire about it before you book.

o Schedule: Considering the the schedule of your move, you must book a truck well in advance. Peak season starts around the end of May until September. If you are moving within this period, get an advance booking because you may get promos for reservations. Remember that rush business will always affect the pricing. Most truck rental agencies charge more during peak season so make it more advance. In it does not matter when you are going to move or in short you have a flexible time, avoid month-ends and beginnings.