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Economic Development and Globalization – Some Insights

Important to understand, the MSc on International Economics and Business is changing its name to MSc on Economic Development and Globalization. Please note the following content of the study program will remain the same throughout. The main focus of the course is to examine the economic development and policies of countries in relation to international trade and the policies that governments implement to protect their domestic and international markets. Emphasis is also placed upon understanding how policy makers and central banks affect the domestic economy. There is also an emphasis upon examining the policies that corporations implement to ensure sustainability. Click to go here

The coursework for this module includes lectures on topics such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, fiscal theory, national income forecasting, international business, international finance, and dual structure decision making. The lectures cover a variety of international related topics and are interspersed with case studies and discussions focusing on various developed economy areas. The focus of the discussions is to describe the development process, and what the implications are for the organizations involved, as well as the implications for the rest of the world. The topics covered include issues surrounding transitional economies, globalization, state-owned enterprises, open economies, and nontraditional monetary system.

This module is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the issues involved in economic development and globalization. Students will have a thorough understanding of the current issues surrounding international trade and the role of governments to address these issues. The first part of the module provides a basic overview of globalization and what it means to global businesses and consumers. The second part of the module will describe the economic development approaches taken by developed economies and what role they can play in the direction of globalization. These approaches will be discussed in relation to national and regional policies. In the third section of the module students will have an opportunity to implement sustainable development strategies.