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The Importance of Compliance Verification

is an important foundation for some industry standards, including NALA’s NACE (National Association of Legal Assistants) and NALC (National Association of Certified Accountants). Unfortunately many individuals neglect to clearly detail all necessary requirements in their own internal processes and focus solely on following the correct procedures. While compliance verification may not be the most exciting or headline grabbing piece of writing, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the organization is following all applicable laws and regulations. There are several aspects that must be examined in full to ensure full compliance with these NALA and NALC standards. 

NALA and NALC building codes are designed to set the standards of care for facilities that serve a public sector. While it is possible for individuals to meet the requirements of these codes, it is not necessary to do so. Compliance verification is extremely important in ensuring both compliance and actual performance. A non-compliant facility can be costly to both its customers and the state it is serving. In most cases the cost of this non-compliance is significantly greater than the monetary loss from not adhering to the regulations.

There are several methods to submit a Compliance Verification Form and all of the methods should be explained before beginning the process. A completed compliance verification form should be submitted to the Contractor’s Registry with all required documents. This form is used to monitor all changes to the project and ensure all documents are submitted in accordance with NALA and/or NALC codes. Upon receipt of the completed form, the Contractor will conduct an inspection and assure that the changes in compliance are indeed comply with the applicable laws.