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That nagging sharp shoulder pain that wouldn’t go away unless I was lying on my right side, I remember it like it was yesterday. Something called Frozen Shoulder appeared unexpectedly and without warning. I don’t recall how many sleepless nights I endured as a result of my shoulder pain, but it was far too many. I’m not sure why I didn’t go to the doctor; the pain was certainly severe enough to warrant a consultation with a physician. I suppose I’m one of those guys who likes to believe he’s unstoppable. Winston-Salem Shoulder Pain Doctor has some nice tips on this.

Knowing what I know now about what I didn’t know then, I can say without a doubt that I was an idiot. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because of shoulder pain, see a doctor to find out what’s wrong.My fear stemmed from the fact that both my father and older brother had shoulder problems, and I assumed I’d be next in line for surgery. I recall seeing my father in his sixties with his arm in a sling, unable to move it for fear of tearing the repairs and forcing him to have them redone. There was no way I was going to put myself through that! He couldn’t drive, he couldn’t brush his own hair, and he even struggled in the bathroom, if you know what I mean…sorry, Dad!Not only that, but I had previously sustained a severe rotator cuff injury in my right arm, which caused my arm to fall out of socket by an inch or more when I was carrying more than 5 pounds. I was able to avoid surgery thanks to months of intense physical therapy under the supervision of a doctor, and I was able to return to baseball the following season. Yes, that’s why I got hurt in the first place, but I couldn’t stop myself.Even though I had been through something similar before, I knew this time would be different.