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I can already begin to feel a couple of the readers out there gasp as I write this article on chiropractic marketing. But before you determine whether or not these definitions are true, remember that there is a very significant distinction to be made. Once you have learned that within an organisation there are several hats such as reception, accounting, counselling assistant, etc., and that often those “other” hats are worn by someone whose primary job is something else, such as office manager, owner, or even… Doctor, you can successfully begin to work this out. If you are looking for more tips, check out Fairfax Reflexology.
When you do the activity that requires that hat, the trick is to wear the ‘hat’ you need to wear, and don’t confuse it with other hats you may need (or want) to wear at other times! There are several applications for this data. Be the receptionist while you do so, if you are the doctor in the office and you need to cover the reception post. Another word, when up at the front desk, instead of rescheduling the appointment, do not offer a consultation-reschedule the appointment! Wear your hat as a mom, dad or girlfriend, not a doctor or clinic owner, if you go home to the family at night!
To the degree of this post, wear your hat as a doctor while you offer patient care, not as a receptionist, biller or marketer. The time to think like a doctor is here! And wear your hat as a marketer while your chiropractic selling, and put down the doctor’s hat! When wearing the chiropractic marketing hat, think like a marketer! For goodness sake, when you do it, do what you are doing! Not just another thing! Well, that’s sanity! There is a strong distinction between understanding the topic of Chiropractic Marketing and knowing how to perform a few chiropractic marketing actions with that in mind.