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The majority of people already know about the weed-related business activities of Snoop Dog, country music artist Willie Nelson and comedian and actor Tommy Chong. Fewer recognise that Melissa Etheridge, recipient of the Grammy Award, is making her own cannabis-infused wine company and host of the daytime talk show Whoopi Goldberg is launching a medical marijuana pr brand.Learn more about us at Love Shack by SPARC Recreational Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery San Francisco

Variety revealed on July 13, 2016 that Netflix is preparing to air a sitcom set inside a legal marijuana dispensary. The film called Disjointed, is the brainchild of TV genius Chuck Lorre, the creator of such iconic blockbusters as Two and A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. A new survey conducted by Quinnipiac University found that 89% of U.S. voters believe that adults should be licenced.

Marijuana has been listed as a Schedule 1 controlled drug since 1972. The substances in Schedule 1 are considered to lack medical significance and to have a high risk of abuse. Marijuana is grouped together with cocaine, LSD, and ecstasy as a Schedule 1 drug. Faced, however with increasing criticism from doctors, medical practitioners, state governments, and Congress, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Once classified as a recreational substance or gateway drug, marijuana is now well acknowledged for its medicinal qualities. However the medicinal effects of marijuana should not be discounted controversially by actually blaming the drug on its users for causing misuse or dependency. Not only is marijuana extremely effective in treating a number of diseases, it has also become an exceptionally safe drug, safer than most regular medications prescribed. In various medical conditions and symptoms such as nausea, diarrhoea, glaucoma, seizure disorders, obesity, diabetes, muscle spasms, spasticity, loss of appetite, other types of pain, including chronic pain, and much more, including brain cancer relief, lung cancer, HIV/AIDS, and drug abuse-related addictions, marijuana successfully provides relief. Marijuana, globally embraced as an option by the medical fraternity to cure those suffering from many chronic illnesses, has become a necessity for those who have marijuana as their only successful medication.