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Fashion always has a say in the ever changing world of home d├ęcor. Though the usual color schemes seems to be in vogue always, but of recent the homeowners are interested in the latest paint color palettes and new ways to use them most effectively. Some of the most sought after color patterns and themes in the paint supply industry are as follows – You can learn more at affordable suppliers.

Enhancement Exotica – This is one of the most happening trend where there is use of travel inspired colors in order to decorate the house. This theme has richer, deeper hues that reminds one of the far off destinations. Taking inspiration from the rich jewel-tones of Oriental rugs or the vivid sights of a Moroccan market, the palette colors highlight rich red-purples, deep browns and dark yellows, as well as ebony and ivory accents. Best explained as the dramatic trend, it is ideal for family or dining rooms as it adds a feeling of warmth and excitement.

Neutral Skin Tone – This eccentric color palette includes a wide spectrum of flesh-toned hues. Inspired from a cosmetic store in color as well as purpose, this theme is best when one is planning a backdrop for brighter colors to give the room a new look with the new skin-tone paint colors. If one has an open floor plan then nothing works better that this theme.

Spirit of Mineral – To get a taste of the woods and the greens get your house bedecked with this latest natural trend. Drawing inspiration from lush forest landscapes, these earth tones have more “pop” and are a bit brighter than ever before. The major color scheme in this segment includes Dusty shades of blue and lavender, as well as rosy browns and echo colors found in nature. Due to their warmth in approach, they are best suited for bathrooms and kitchens.

Serene And Soulful – This is the most relaxing theme provided by the paint supplies and paint manufacturers. Staying true to its name, this theme create relaxing retreats in the homes by installing the soulful colors &15-; white and blue primarily. This is the safest bet for the amateurs who want a new look for their bedrooms or living rooms. This painting trend offers a relaxing retreat and offer a fresh tint of the spa concept, that is always a hit.

Painting styles are not confined to only these themes. Today its possible to implement one of your imaginations as well. The ceiling can be converted into a canvas and can be brought to life with color, decorative techniques and imaginative color schemes. Use of higher sheen paints in unconventional areas, such as ceilings and walls, and the incorporation of metallic paint accents cans add an unexpected bit of gleam to a room and is a success with the homeowners who are looking to personalize and enhance their living space.