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As a result, a professional can deal with these issues. We also take care of our clients’ nutritional needs. We focus on sugar sensitivity and restoring the body’s natural balance. Taking care of the body, mind, and spirit. A bio-repair system tries to help the body to heal itself from diseases like cancer by using organic foods, detoxification, and other techniques. Doris Sokosh has managed to stay cancer-free for almost four decades by following the system’s instructions. Browse this site listing about Advanced Bio Treatment
Sokosh underwent a radical mastectomy and hysterectomy in 1971 after being diagnosed with cancer. These operations caused her to lose a lot of weight. Her doctor thought her condition was terminal when she weighed less than 90 pounds and sent her home to spend time with her family. She started a bio-repair programme run by the Foundation for Advancement of Cancer Therapy because she had no other choice (F.A.C.T.). She was also consuming new vegetable juices made from organic carrots, beets, and celery in addition to detoxing. She eventually regained her health and began to create her own recipes using this software as a foundation.
Sokosh is convinced that the F.A.C.T. program’s diet plan, as well as her own recipes, were instrumental in her cancer-fighting success. She has compiled all of the recipes she has made during her thirty-nine years without cancer in her latest book, “Triumph Over Cancer – My Recipes for Recovery.” This cookbook will help patients who are already battling the disease as well as people who want to live a safe, active lifestyle.
The F.A.C.T. is a “non-profit educational organisation that promotes non-toxic, biologically sound approaches to cancer prevention and care,” according to its website. Doris Sokosh is one of the organization’s early success stories. Sokosh now has power over her life thanks to the company’s bio-repair programme. Perhaps it will be useful to other cancer patients in the future.