A Spotlight about Houston Eyelid Doctor

Eyelid plastic surgery is usually a very safe and rewarding procedure, also referred to as blepharoplasty, that will leave you looking and feeling great. For more details click Houston Eyelid Doctor. To ensure that you receive the best possible treatment, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a surgeon specialising in cosmetic eyelid surgery. However, in any surgery, there is always the small possibility that something may go wrong, and if you experience complications, you should know what to do. This is a rare problem, but if you really suffer from it, it is a very serious one. A normal response to surgery is temporary swelling, and this may mean that it takes some extra effort to close your eyes and your eyes are drier than usual. If you have dry eyes after eyelid surgery, make sure to use eye drops to improve your eye irritation, as directed by your doctor. Because swelling is temporary, such a problem should soon solve itself and your lid will return to normal functionality quickly.Your post-surgery swelling should have subsided after about six weeks and the symptoms of your dry eye should have subsided. Overaggressive surgery can sometimes, however, cause long-term damage that may even worsen existing symptoms of the dry eye. When too much upper eyelid skin and/or muscle is removed, this can happen, meaning that when you are relaxed and not thinking about them, your eyes may not completely close at night. Fortunately, as long as you are sure to see a doctor about this problem, this is a concern that can be addressed. It is recommended to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist or a fellowship trained eyelid plastic surgeon, who is a board-certified ophthalmologist specially trained in eyelid plastic surgery, if you cannot close your eyelids all the way, whether awake or while sleeping. This depends on the precise nature of your problem and individual circumstances that are unique.