A Look into Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Just around the corner is Spring. With spring just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for some home repairs after winter. The following is a list of quick and easy-to-do tips to help maintain and maintain the optimal working condition of your home. If you are looking for more tips, check out visit.

Indoor Tips on Maintenance

Test the air conditioning system. You will most likely have a very long and hot wait until a repair man can fix it if your AC does not work on the first hot day you attempt to use it. You’re going to be cranky because it’s so hot out and the repair guy is probably going to be just as cranky, if not more.

Monthly inspection or repair of your HVAC filter.

The clothes dryer vent and stove hood should be checked and cleaned periodically.

You are more likely to have a coil-back refrigerator. Make sure that the coils are vacuumed at least twice per year. Clean coils help to operate more smoothly in your refrigerator.

Clean all from top to bottom with non-toxic soaps and cleaners.

Maintenance Outside

Drink plenty of water, wear sufficient protection from sun and bugs, and put on some music you’ll enjoy listening to.

Check for broken, loose or blistered shingles on your roof. When they take up less than 20 percent of your roof, any and all damaged shingles should be replaced. If more than 20 percent of your roof is covered by the damage, it is best to simply re-roof it.

It should be closely checked for flashing around chimneys, vents, and roof edges.

It is important to remove and clean any and all debris from gutters and downspouts. There should be a patch for any holes found. Downspouts should direct water from the base of your walls at least 5 feet away as well.

As they can provide a path for bugs and even excess moisture to reach your home, branches and shrubs that touch your home should be cut down.

Dead branches on your home can fall. Right now, they should be eliminated.