Whisk Bakery & Coffee – Guide

Grilled, fresh-from-the-grower, or smoked, your choice of cuisine might be influenced by the climate you live in, but most importantly your selection of Bakery & Coffee Shop should reflect your sense of fun and personality. Smoked salmon with lettuce and tomato; grilled portabella mushrooms with creamy garlic sauce; roasted parsnips with potato salad; fried cashews with fried zucchini and grilled pineapple with gooey coconut cream-these are just a few examples of the fun ways you can grill and prepare your favorite snacks and meals at home. Your sense of humor is sure to shine through as you plan your menu, and you will want to make sure you keep these suggestions in mind: because let’s face it, who hasn’t enjoyed a roasted portabella mushroom, grilled portabella mushrooms, a baked sweet potato, a smoky baked potato, a nice smoky garden salad, or fresh-from-the-grower green salad? There are no shortages of delicious dishes out there, but if you truly want to make your guests enjoy your company and to mingle, it only makes sense to make your selection based on your personal taste and style. If you are looking for more tips, check out Whisk Bakery & Coffee

For starters, choose your Coffee Shop location wisely, and consider whether you’ll be using the same bakery every time, or if you’ll be bringing in other food items from home. If you have a love for gourmet food, you may want to visit the Cheesecake Shop in West Hollywood, which offers a fabulous selection of both gourmet and concession treats. If cheesecake is your thing, but you’re a sandwich lover, then head to Papi’s Sandwich Shop down the street, which offers a variety of sandwiches, baguettes, and char-broiled sandwiches (which must be washed fresh before they’re served! ), along with a fantastic array of fresh breads and pastas, such as fresh wheat bread and Swiss chard. If you prefer Italian food, try Amuse Bouche’s Italian Deli, which serve authentic Italian sandwiches like the Napoli with tomato and olive oil, and of course, the famous Coppini alla Milanese.

Of course, any great Bakery & Coffee Shop will offer an extensive variety of great hot and cold beverages, such as: regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha, chocolate flavored coffee, and water. Many bakeries and cafes also serve free-standing bottled water, including the famous Mountain Dew brand. The selection of beverages offered at Coffee Shop is almost unlimited, so you can literally find something to fit any kind of mood! And don’t forget – the selection of condiments available at Coffee Shop is second to none!