What Role Do Estate Planning Lawyers Play In Executing Lasting Estate Plans?

An estate-planning lawyer is a legal professional who deals with estate planning issues. In essence, an estate planning lawyer is one who helps you plan for your future after you die. In practical terms, an estate planning lawyer is a person whose services you hire when you are looking to execute your last will and testaments. This legal practitioner is able to assist you when you pass away because he or she can draft your last will and testament as well as handle the implementation of your life insurance policy and your other assets. Moreover, most importantly, estate planning attorneys can also help you set up a durable power of attorney, execute a living trust, and create a living trust as well.Checkout Kansas City Estate Planning Lawyer for more info.

What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Do? The primary duty of estate planning lawyers is to assist their clients who are dying. Once you pass away, your legal representative needs to deal with the distribution of your properties and assets to your beneficiaries. These beneficiaries are generally family members, friends, or relatives who are financially dependent on you and have equal standing with you in terms of blood relation. Additionally, they are entitled to equal inheritance rights based on your will (otherwise known as the probate court).

What Can Estate Planning Lawyers Do For You? If you are dying and have set up several different wills and trusts to be executed upon your demise, your estate planning lawyer can assist you with implementing these plans. Specifically, this legal practitioner can suggest strategies to protect your assets, establish probate policies, appoint an administrator, provide for access to your belongings, provide for insurance coverage for your dependents, manage your estate, obtain a distribution agreement, or transfer your assets between several beneficiaries. Some other tasks that an estate planning lawyer can assist you with include executing a durable power of attorney, preparing your last will and testament, and creating a trust to designate as your beneficiaries. The overall responsibility of your estate plan is to ensure your beneficiaries receive your property after you die.


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