Unknown Facts About Shared Hosting

A shared web host service is usually a web hosting service in which many different websites live on one large web server, rather than being hosted on a single computer. This is the cheapest option for webhosting, as usually the cost of server administration is shared amongst several clients. This enables the administrators of the server to deal with technical problems more easily, allowing the site to be live more quickly and efficiently. However, this also means that users of the service will have to share bandwidth and other network resources with other users of the server. In addition, a shared hosting plan may not provide support for some of the more advanced requirements for webhosting such as, PHP, Perl and SSL. Dedicated hosting is the reverse of a shared hosting account – you would have your own server of your own and would be able to install and utilize all the software tools that you require.
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For small sites, a shared hosting plan is usually the best option. If your website has just a few files and few pages, it is usually quite inexpensive to host your website on a shared hosting server, allowing you to use as much bandwidth and storage space as you need. However, if your website has many pages, many graphics and other complex features, then you will probably be better off opting for a dedicated webhosting account. If your website serves no useful purpose to others, then you will not be making any revenue, and therefore your money may be better spent on other aspects of your business.

Another advantage to shared hosting is that there are many people who can afford to host websites on this method, due to the low cost involved. However, when you are choosing a web hosting service, make sure you do your homework to find out if the provider has good reviews. It is far better to go with a provider that has many good reviews than a provider with many bad reviews, because you want to be sure that the web hosting company is financially stable, and able to offer good customer service and support. Therefore, shared hosting can be an excellent choice for some people, but it is important that you understand how much you will actually be paying before signing up.