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In a study, Sativex, a prescription marijuana extract, was proven to relieve pain and other symptoms of arthritis, but results can vary widely from person to person. A decrease in bone density causes the condition. Bone loss is a typical sign, as is an increased risk of bone fracture. GreenStar Herbals Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Maynard – Dispensary has some nice tips on this. Natural cannabinoids are vital in encouraging bone growth and avoiding bone resorption, which can contribute to osteoporosis, according to study. Cannabinoids have also been demonstrated in other studies to help reduce bone loss, particularly after menopause. It’s a viral illness that can cause long-term harm to your liver. Antiviral medication can help the virus leave the body more quickly, reducing the risk of liver damage. However, some patients are unable to complete their antiviral therapy due to adverse effects, and therapies are not always effective. In a report, hepatitis C patients and non-cannabis users were observed. They discovered that patients in San Jose who used medicinal marijuana products were more likely to complete their treatment.

A marijuana-based mouth spray was recently approved in the United Kingdom for use by people with multiple sclerosis, and the firm behind it, GW Pharmaceuticals, wants it to be available in the United States as well. They want to do more extensive clinical trials to see if it can be used to treat cancer pain. They will have a difficult time getting medical marijuana licenced because it is classified as a Schedule I substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration, which implies it is likely to be abused like cocaine or LSD.

Despite this, the use of medicinal marijuana is on the rise in the United States, with 14 states and the District of Columbia allowing patients to use it for specific medical illnesses. At Colorado, California, and New Mexico, medical marijuana is sold in dispensaries. In those and other places where medicinal marijuana is permitted, federal prosecutors also prosecute distributors, farmers, and consumers.