Types of Personal Injury Cases

Since paraplegic and brain claims are reportedly rare, many people are unaware of them. Let’s go into all of the injury concerns in greater depth:

Spinal cord injury: This injury causes a significant financial loss. According to reports, approximately or less than 40% of patients who suffer from paraplegia caused by a spinal cord injury are ultimately able to return to work. This injury continues to cripple their lives, and as a result, they lose a large amount of money. You can get additional information at  Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C.

Paraplegia injury can be caused by a variety of factors, the most common of which is spinal cord damage. This is a serious injury that can result in paralysis in the legs, abdomen, and lower back. This disorder is very dangerous, and those who are affected are unable to function any longer. They are in pain and have lost jobs, which is a huge loss for them.

Quadriplegia: This injury is characterised as damage to the spinal cord in the cervix region of the body. It varies from paraplegia in that it affects either the trunk or the legs of the body. This is a very serious injury that has the ability to permanently destabilise a person’s limbs.

A brain injury is much more severe than a minor bruise, a cur, or a brain fracture. These injuries are not visible on the surface, but they can be the most dangerous at times. From the outside, a person suffering from a brain injury may appear to be in great health, but they may be in grave danger on the inside. People that are afflicted with it are at risk of contracting the disease and succumbing to it at any time.