Types Of Hurricane Shutters

If you live in an environment where hurricanes are frequent, you should do all you can to secure your house, since it is definitely your single largest investment. Hurricane shutters are one way to do this. Because of the shattered glass, they would hold the rain and wind out. In the Miami region, for example, having some kind of window cover is almost a necessity. The most common shutter types are described below.Do you want to learn more? Visit Blinds By Design – Orlando Shutters

Hurricane Shutters Come in a Variety of Styles

Hurricane Shutters the Accordion

Accordion shutters are stored beside the window where they are permanently fixed while not in use. When deployed, these shutters draw over the window and unfold like an accordion. A single individual will easily take them out and set them up, and others can be secured to avoid burglary when you are away from home. The only disadvantage to this style of shutter is that it detracts from the charm of the house.

Hurricane Shutters from the Colonial Era

When deployed, these shutters are attached to either side of the window and fold together on top of the window. One advantage of these shutters is that they can also improve the appearance of a home. One disadvantage is that they cannot be used to secure entrances, necessitating the usage of at least one other form of protection. When not in service, this shutter is propped open above the curtain. They can provide pleasant shade whilst still being attractive. A single individual will easily knock them down. This may be less durable than other styles of shutters, so make sure you verify the strength of the shutters you select. Roll-down shutters, like colonial style shutters, cannot be used to cover doors.

Above the glass, this kind of hurricane shutter is mounted. These shutters roll back into the housing while not in use. Lowering them may be done using either an electric motor or a hand crank. Though you’ll need a battery backup in case the electricity goes out, one individual can easily roll up and down electronic shutters. Hurricane shutters with roll-down shutters are more costly than those of other kinds of shutters.

Panels for Storms

These shutters are usually constructed of metal and are attached to the walls with brackets to protect the glass. These shutters are totally replaced while not in operation, so they don’t distract from the home’s design. However, in the case of a storm, it could be impossible for a single individual to deploy. They are very durable and can be used to shield all windows and doors. When the panels are not in operation, you’ll need a place to put them, and you can check them on a regular basis and ensure that they are both present and in reasonable condition.