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Pest Control Tips For Your Home

The hateful pests are here to stay. Any time soon, we’re not getting rid of the species. We all have to face the threat of pests at one time or another. Some proven pest control tips for your home, however, can ensure that you effectively get rid of them.Learn more about us at Charleston Pest Removal

The regulation of insects that are defined as pests is primarily pest control. Control of pests is important because it could be harmful for your health to neglect the invasion of pests. In order to fight pests, the market has a variety of biological and chemical insecticides and pesticides that can be used appropriately. The first step towards effective pest control is to learn about the type of pest that has invaded your house. Here are some pest control tips that are easy to incorporate:

  1. Ensuring cleanliness in your home is the first step. Periodically clean your house of clutter to keep pests at bay. Avoid storing newspapers and boxes for a long period of time because they are pest breeding grounds.
  2. In the sink and glasses lying around, dirty dishes attract pests immensely. Keep the kitchen items clean at regular intervals and remove garbage. Make sure there are no containers in the kitchen that can store water for a long period of time, as most house pests require a dirty environment to survive.
  3. Prepare a mixture of sugar and borax to get rid of ants (one cup of each) and sprinkle the mixture around and inside your home. The ants will be attracted by the sugar and the borax will kill them.
  4. To get rid of cockroaches, sprinkle some Borax powder in your kitchen and bathroom. Make sure that you do not sprinkle in a place where the borax might come into contact with children or animals.
  5. To kill bees and wasps in your house, use hair spray.
  6. To reduce the infestation of mosquitoes, change the water in your bird bath every two days.
  7. Using peanut butter as bait to get rid of mice. Dab some peanut butter onto your mousetrap triggering device.
  8. Check damp roofs, pipes and other places to ensure your home is free from carpenter ants, and make sure you dry them out.
  9. Seal all openings and use some poison in crevices to protect your home from rodents.
  10. Use cucumbers as a natural and eco-friendly pest killer to get rid of flies, moths and wasps.

11.Fix all of the leaky plumbing and look for hidden water sources in the house.

12.Make sure that no food is left in the open and that all food cans are sealed tightly. Regularly remove garbage from your house.

13.It is another great idea to use pesticides against pests, but before using them, you must seek some expert advice.

  1. Seek professional help if home remedies don’t provide relief. Select a company that is experienced in pest control and has been of help to your family or friends. These experts can identify locations of pests and come up with the most effective pest removal treatment methods.