Structured Water Filters Solutions Information

For less than ten cents per gallon, the right tap water system will provide you and your family with clean, balanced, filtered tap water. In light of all the recent developments concerning the health and safety of tap water, an increasing number of people are purchasing a tap water system for their home (or lack thereof). Here’s why drinking filtered tap water could help you live longer. Get more informations of structured water filters solutions

More than 80,000 different synthetic chemicals are used on a daily basis in our culture. All of these will inevitably end up in our drinking water supply due to runoff, overflowing sewers, waste, flooding, and excessive household chemical use.

Since the equipment in place is so old and obsolete, many of these synthetic organic chemicals (SOCs) aren’t even filtered out of public water sources. These devices function similarly to a swimming pool filter in that they remove any visible debris and disinfect with chlorine. Surprisingly, these municipal plants allow for the use of more chlorine than is recommended in swimming pools for disinfection!

Most people are unaware of the degree to which chlorine and SOCs damage our health, especially in the shower, where two-thirds of the harmful effects occur (through inhalation and absorption). Cancer and heart disease became more common only two decades after we began using herbicides and pesticides, as well as chlorine to treat water.

Drinking chlorinated water instead of filtered drinking water increases your chances of developing cancer by 93 percent over your lifetime. Add to that the fact that women with breast cancer have 50 percent to 60 percent more chlorine byproducts (THMs) in their fat tissue than women without breast cancer.