Stop Snoring Information – The Cold Hard Facts!

Snoring is perhaps the most widespread sleeping condition that the world knows today. When air passages from nasal cavities to the lungs are clogged, snoring occurs. When air molecules bump into each other, a breathing problem then happens and sounds are made. If your dreams and restful night are annulled by normal snoring, there is stopping snoring data and some facts and figures you need to remember.You may want to check out Tuckahoe Sleep Apnea for more.

People around the world of all ages will snore. Snoring affects tens of millions of individuals in the United States alone. 15 million and still counting in the United Kingdom suffer from this problem. Across the planet, more than a billion people have been affected by snoring.

Constant testing and studies have provided definitive insights into issues with snoring. Here are facts and statistics from all over the world that could support those who are actually struggling with snoring dilemmas:

20% of men snore in their early 30s; 5% of women snore during the same age bracket.

60% of men snore when they reach 60; 40% of women snore when they reach the same age.

Men’s snorers are even higher since they have wider necks

A neck that measures more than 17 inches ensures a snoring state

Since they have smaller necks and larger air passage and smaller uvula, women have less snoring tendency.

With the likelihood to become overweight, the risk of snoring increases; men often gain weight faster than most women.

80% of men do not consider snoring to be an issue; the wife does

For those who do not snore, snoring women are comparatively shorter and heavier than

Men snore through both their nose and mouth; women snore only through their nose.

Compared to men, women are more likely to seek medical care to regulate or treat snoring.

Children who sometimes snore have larger tonsils or problems with adenoids.

Almost 60 percent of kids snore

70% of patients report sleeping problems to their doctor, but only 10% follow up and use the required treatments.

80% of snorers are not aware that this infuriating sound is actually created at night.

Dentists who design and fit their patients with dental apparatus hardly inquire about any sleep problems

Motor vehicle collisions involving people with sleeping problems are greater than those caught driving while drunk.

Health care practitioners are now more worried about the potential result for those who believe that snoring is just another mannerism and not a disease with rising statistics and less intervention from snorers. Snoring could lead to sleep apnea if not taken seriously, which is more dangerous and can cause severe ailments such as heart disease, hypertension and more.


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