Roku XD – Streaming Video Player Review

With so many media streaming devices on the market, deciding which one is right for you can be difficult. Roku has emerged as a serious competitor following the launch of its second generation streaming devices. The Roku 2 lineup’s three players are all raising the bar for low-cost streaming video devices. While all three devices can stream high-definition video, the XD is the most accessible and has 1080p capability. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this tiny unit, such as how it streams high-definition video to your big screen. Feel free to visit their website at visit for more details.


The Roku 2 devices are about the same size as a hockey puck. They’re less than 4″ in length and less than 1″ wide in either direction. The total weight is about 3 oz. The gaming remote that comes with the Roku XS model is not included with the Roku XD. A new gaming remote, on the other hand, can be purchased for a small fee online and will function seamlessly with the XD system. Nonetheless, since the regular (non-gaming) remote uses standard IR protocol, it works with any Roku system. You can attach the Roku to your universal remote, reducing the number of remotes you need to keep track of.

With a 1080p HD display, the Roku XD provides a high-definition picture quality. According to reviews, the Roku has strong streaming capabilities in general. Consumers can find it simple to locate and watch any of the Roku network’s 350+ streaming channel options.

Additional Features

In addition to the 1080p high definition output, the Roku XD uses your WiFi or Bluetooth link to access streaming media on the internet. The WiFi network connects to your high-speed internet connection with an 802.11n wireless local area connection.

A standard HDMI cable is required to link the system to your television, which is not included. Instead, every Roku system includes a regular RCA A/V cable. You’ll want to use an HDMI cable to get the best high-definition video and sound. When purchasing an HDMI cable, make sure it can handle the Roku XD’s 1080p HD performance.