Most Overlooked Facts About Siding in Chesapeake

When it comes to updating the exterior of your house, make sure you hire the right fibre cement siding contractor to protect your investment. Both of the most popular fibre cement sidings have specific installation instructions that, if not followed, will void warranties, resulting in a major mess if a problem arises with your siding installation. Siding in Chesapeake has some nice tips on this.

Unlike vinyl siding, there are currently no industry requirements or certifications for the construction of fibre cement siding, also known as cement siding. Also, just because a siding contractor is classified as a “preferred contractor” doesn’t mean they do a better job or instal siding than other siding contractors. It normally means they’ve decided to concentrate on selling one brand of siding over others. To satisfy my customers’ needs, I personally prefer to provide a range of siding options with varying siding prices. I don’t want to be forced to sell a product that may or may not meet the needs of all of my future siding customers.

As you begin the process of hiring a fibre cement contractor, the first thing you should do is educate yourself on the installation process. If installation instructions are available, go to the siding manufacturer’s website and look for them.

As with most siding options, all warranties explicitly state that if fibre cement siding is poorly installed or treated, the entire warranty can be voided. I’ll go over two quick and simple installation tips for a famous cement siding brand. Unfortunately, siding contractors often fail to do these two things, which may damage homeowners in the future.

Why aren’t they being finished is the most difficult thing for me to understand. There are pictures in the installation manuals that illustrate precisely how to manage these conditions. I’m not claiming that my business is the only one that does proper siding installation, but there are just too many cases of it being done incorrectly to chance it. It may mean paying a little extra up front (or not) for your siding installation, or paying more later for repairs.

There is a 2-foot clearance requirement for decks and roof lines “from the above surfaces For proper installation, the fibre cement siding must be within 2 inches of those surfaces. Until hiring a fibre cement siding contractor, inquire about clearances. Horizontal flickering information over windows and doors must also be taken into account. I don’t want to get too technical in this post, but one type of siding we instal needs a 14-inch gap between the siding and the foundation “They don’t want the gap above the z-flashing to be sealed (caulked) to enable moisture to escape. When I’m out giving siding estimates, I see a lot of jobs where the siding installers have sealed that area when all they have to do is look at the latest installation instructions for a simple diagram explaining how to properly instal siding.