Before the rains begin, make sure that all your drains are clear to prevent water clogging in your house and surroundings. Replace the damaged and rusted drainpipes and make sure that all the drains are also taken care of on the balcony and porch. A clean drainage system will not allow your home to be blocked by water, keeping it safe from the rains.Always look for small gaps in the ceiling and interior walls, pores, and any other leakages that can cause water to seep in.Check out this this article.

Make sure you get your walls treated with wall-care putty or any other similar water-resistant formula before you get your house painted from the inside, which can take care of all kinds of filtration and also prevent paint chipping. This will provide a longer life for your walls. If there are certain cracks, these cracks are treated with POP or cement before the paint gets treated. In order to face the monsoons, all these measures will keep your house beautiful and well-maintained.In the rainy season, electric currents constitute a great danger. It can cause unimaginable damage to your house if any wiring is damaged or left open.

Do not forget to call your electrician to do a complete check of cables and electrical connections before monsoons. Ensure that all damaged wires and electrical points have been properly controlled. It is imperative to protect your home in a flood zone. Even if your home is not located in a flood zone, knowing how to protect your home from flood damage is information that all Australian homeowners need to know. Homes located in flood zones are not the only ones subject to flood damage, despite the prevalent misconception. Even in neighbourhoods at higher elevations, torrential downpours over a very short period of time can cause flooding.