Dentistry And Your Special Needs Child

Children with special needs typically have special dental issues, too. Such concerns stem from the fact that many of these children are on drugs that have a high sugar content. This leads to dry mouth and excess growth of gum in turn. The ripple effect on the mouth takes place because they need these drugs. Linwood Sedation Dentist has some nice tips on this.
It has also been reported that children with special needs are more likely than other children to have missing teeth and/or gum disease, and there are of course, several reasons why this is the case. Many children with physical or psychological problems are on a diet of soft food that is high in carbohydrates and starch, all of which can bind to their teeth and lead to teeth issues. Some children have physical disabilities that make it difficult to stick to a good dental routine for them and their caregivers). For example if a child does not open his or her mouth very widely, it will be much more difficult to get clean teeth. They vomit easily if they can’t handle anything in their mouth, or they get nervous or panicked that can make oral hygiene something really difficult to pull off too, and some just won’t even try.
And there are the kids who can’t physically sit in the chair of a dentist. What do they do about this? With the host of challenges that children have to contend with on a regular basis with special needs, it’s no wonder that dental problems either go unchecked or there’s simply no time to fit a trip to the dentist into an already packed appointment schedule.
But there’s hope and a way for those kids to be seen by a dentist today, that is, if you choose the right one for the job. Join the paediatric dentist, one specially trained to work with children and one who has had advanced training in how to care for patients with special needs during their years in school. They know the strategies and abilities required for your child with special needs to get the best oral health treatment. You should come to an understanding with them on what will work and what will not because you know your child best, after all so putting off a dental appointment will just exacerbate the issues, not make them go away. You will get through the adversity of working together and get the smile looking fantastic!