Couple Relationship Counselling: 3 Tips to Save Your Relationship

Is there trouble in your marriage or some close relationship? It could make all the difference to see a licenced Counsellor. Torrance Marriage Counseling has some nice tips on this. Working with a trained third party will allow you to put your issues in perspective and get both couples face through those rough patches.

You might have a few other myths that need to be dispelled about therapy.

Counselors Advise You What to Do – A counsellor would not listen to your grievance lists and give you homework to resolve the issues, contrary to common opinion. They’re going to listen, but their “job” is to guide you through the process of discovering the problems and seeking your own solutions.

Counseling is the last straw – too many people use counselling as a last resort, sadly, and it is often simply too late to undo the damage.

Save Your Relationship 3 Tips

There are a few suggestions you can introduce now to start fixing your relationship when you are considering the possibilities of therapy.

  1. Laws of Engagement – Several couples erroneously assume that arguments are prevented by the trick of fixing a partnership. This normally results in two individuals who bite their tongue until any ounce of anger that they feel just spills over. Instead, certain rules of engagement should be set down by you and your partner and then feel free to vent your grievances. Any laws of war to consider:

a No name calling/ swearing – disputes escalate beyond the point of no return when parties result to personal attacks instead of coping with the issue.

  1. B) Yelling-it can be hard to hold back, particularly if yelling is your go to security, but it helps when you know how demeaning it is for the other individual to be yelled at it. If tempers are flaring beyond control, walk away and come back when everyone is calmer.
  2. Write it Down – You do not have wax to communicate eloquently with the written word. A lack of interference is the major advantage of expressing your feelings through a message or letter; the other person is going to have a very hard time cutting you off mid-sentence! Of course, the previous tip, no name-calling or personal attacks, must always be kept in mind.
  3. Contact – Physical touch always falls by the wayside after you have been together for quite some time. Find time to hold hands, sit on the sofa close by or cuddle before you fall asleep. Humans are built to respond to physical contact and be social. Stroking the back of your partner’s hand softly will reignite emotions long considered dead.

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