Commercial Laundry Repair Services Can Retrofit Ozone Disinfection Systems

Laundry providers are becoming increasingly strict in their regulation of operating standards, and consumers are demanding even more in terms of super clean and safe finished laundry. Many locations, including nursing homes, gymnasiums, medical and veterinary offices, and a variety of other industries, are mandated to fully disinfect their laundry so that any infection that might exist in the washing is completely eliminated before the laundry is returned to use.Learn more about them at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Greater Detroit.

The issue has been that when many washing machines were manufactured and installed, there were few or only very costly systems available, and it was not always necessary to disinfect the laundry, but now it is always preferable and often needed. A reputable commercial repair company may retrofit an Ozone Disinfection device or even instal one on a brand new washing machine. This laundry disinfection solution is perfect for the best of businesses, and it not only solves a dilemma for those businesses who would have to disinfect their laundry, but it is also an excellent selling point for certain operations where disinfection is something that the consumer might like but is not protected by the legislation. A common example is a traditional hotel or bed and breakfast where the towels and sheets are returned pristine and bacteria-free.

The Ozone Disinfection system is commonly designed to be unobtrusive; it has a proprietary infuser, and the manifold system no longer necessitates big holes in the walls. The entire process is simple to manage and can be integrated into a standard service regime. The Ozone disinfection system has the benefit of controlling a wide variety of problems such as MRSA, C-Diff, Noro Virus, Mould Spores, Ringworm, bed bugs, and many others. There are very serious issues these days, because the device can be used in too many ways where bacteria might be present, and any place free of stuff like MRSA will want to keep that freedom. This device uses programmes with lower water temperatures, resulting in lower energy costs. However, since the laundry is done at a lower temperature, the laundry products have a longer life span than would otherwise be the case.