About Stucco Repair

What exactly is Stucco Repair? Stucco Repair near by┬áhas some nice tips on this. Stucco is an old building material which has been used in home building for centuries, and yet it’s still around in some areas of the country today, where historic buildings have been renovated and put up for sale or rent. What’s more, if the stucco isn’t too badly damaged (if it hasn’t totally cracked or crumble away) it can still be used as a beautiful finishing touch on modern homes or as a texture to a new wall. In short, stucco repair simply means that you fix the specific problem, like a missing piece of stucco, but not actually the underlying structural problem.

There are two common types of Stucco Repair. There is quick Stucco Repair, often achieved by using Portland cement and some filler. This method works well when small, light scale damage is involved, because the surface of the Portland cement is highly visible and easy to see. However, this type of Stucco Repair is best suited for larger, more intrusive repairs, where the damage is deeper and more massive. In these cases, a more structural approach is called for and often involves structural steel reinforcement (either within the frame of the home, or along its perimeter) or a concrete ring surrounding the affected area. This concrete ring then forms the base for any sort of Stucco Repair.

If you’re having a large Stucco Repair carried out, make sure you contact a professional stucco restoration company as soon as possible, because small amounts of Stucco fail to cure properly. This often occurs when the wrong type of Stucco is used (i.e. the wrong color, or if it’s mixed at the wrong ratio). A good, experienced company will be able to fix any stucco failures, without taking too much time, and will then advise you on how best to deal with any damage caused during the repair process.