About Scalpmasters

Scalp Microigmentation, also known as Scalp Pigmentation, is an easy, non-invasive cosmetic hair tattoo technique that creates the appearance of a carefully chiseled close cut haircut, or even thick density on a thinning head. The procedure is also used to conceal scars, burns or tattoos on the head, and mask the appearance of baldness from hair transplants. There are several methods of microdermabrasion available to the consumer, each of which requires different levels of experience and knowledge. Some have higher levels of success than others and are more suited to certain skin types or hair colors. To keep this short and simple, we’ll cover the basics of how Scalp Microigmentation works, as well as how you can find a reliable, professional tattoo artist for your project. If you are looking for more tips, check out Scalpmasters-Scalp Micropigmentation Rhode Island

First, the process. Microdermabrasion works on the premise of using a special pulsating light (excimer) to “shatter” the top layer of dead skin cells and replace them with a new layer of living, glowing pigments. While the results are often obvious after only a few treatments, some practitioners prefer to work at a slower pace, allowing the new pigments time to settle and take effect before seeing any noticeable change in appearance. Both slow and fast pneumatic treatment techniques utilize similar technologies; the main difference is in how the pigment is delivered to the target areas. Some practitioners will use a brush-like instrument to apply the micro-pigment, while others will simply smother the pigment into the scalp using a needle.

What are the best scalp micropigmentation kits? While there are many variations between providers, there are several that stand out. The cheapest does not deliver the promised results, often producing only fine lines or skin color changes. A more expensive kit delivers firmer, more substantial results that last several months. On the higher end of the scale, some practitioners can even create a mullet of hair where the top is shaved near the scalp, creating a layered look that can last for several months. Kits for these procedures can be found online or in specialty shops in your area.