A Spotlight about San Angelo Insurance Broker

Just like the IRS audits businesses to find out where the money went, I audit my companies so that I can find out where the premium money went. The way this is done is by getting the Ordering Authority (OA) to issue a financing order (FO/LO) which is a policy covering one or more of the policy’s benefits. When reviewing the In Force Ledger, it will show the status of the current policy as well as a number of other scenarios that make more or less profit. If you are looking for more tips, check out San Angelo Insurance Broker.

It will be able to tell if our compliance is lapsing or if it is in the future. By doing this audit, the policyholder may get better options, allowing them to get things they don’t currently have. For example, take a 50 year old policyowner, who is also the insured on the policy, and the In Force Ledger showed that the policy, under current conditions is going to lapse when the policyowner is 63 assuming premium payments were going to be kept the same, and stock market conditions were going to stay the same (this was in early 2007 and this policy was a Variable Universal Life, it probably would not have lasted till 63, given what has happened in the stock market.) Since the policyowner is the family breadwinner, they have a 16-year-old daughter, and their savings could not sustain the wife and daughter in the event of an early death of the breadwinner, whether or not to keep the life insurance is not even a question, life insurance is absolutely needed in this case. The next question is, does he continue paying as the insurance policy goes into a lapsing or does, he either draught up a new policy or pay? The way I go about doing this is by networking with some business associates I work with at an